DIY Flower Mirror

DIY Flower Mirror

(Shhhh! Its made from Dollar Store Items!)

Dorm Room Decor Spoon Flower Mirror Dollar Store DIY

Hello there my college companions!

Today I am going to show you how to make a fabulous flower mirror (made from plastic spoons!). I know that you may be almost a month into college like me, or you may have started like a week ago! Either way, if you are like me I am always hunting, scouring for that magical piece that makes a room whole, or adds a little touch of personality to the sad bland dorm. This mirror is made all from either recycled, or dollar store items! Yes you heard me right ladies.

Spoon Flower Mirror DIY Dollar store Flower Mirror DIY Dorm Decor

Project Level: Freshmen (Easy)

Time needed: Saturday afternoon worthy

Cost: Aprox. $3.00

What you will need:

  • Plastic Spoons (Clear works best!)
  • Spray Paint (Any color, just make sure it is okay for plastic!)
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mirror
  • Scrap of ribbon
  • Cardboard (An unwanted box works really well!)
  • The perfect place to hang it!


  1. Gather your materials.  I got most of my materials at the local Dollar Tree, I already had my glue gun, left over spray paint, an old box, and scrap ribbon.  But if you do not have those items do not fret! They can be easily obtained for almost nothing.
  2. Cut your old box (cardboard) into a circle.  My circle was not perfect, it doesnt have to be perfect, just cut it to the aproximate sie you want your flower to be. My circle is about 14 inches in diameter.
  3. Now that your circle is cut it is time to relieve some of that weekly stress! Its time to break some spoons! I found it easiest to break them by holding the spoon over a like a scrap of cardboard bowl part facing down, and to apply pressure to the neck of the spoon, so it breaks leaving you the bowl and some of the handle.  I found this way makes it easier to get a clean break. Dont worry if yous snap a few of the bowls during this part.  You should have plenty of left overs.
  4. Time to glue those spoons!  Start around the outer edge and work inward.  Be sure to leave a space for your mirror to fit!
  5. Now that your spoons are all glued you should have a clear flower.  Time to take that bad boy outside to spray down!  Just try to give it a nice even coat trying to hide the cardboard and avoid getting little paint pools in your spoons.
  6. Let dry!
  7. Once your flower has completely dried take it inside and hot glue your mirror to the center. It is starting to look pretty awesome by now. DIY Spoon Mirror Dorm Decor
  8. Cut or grab a scrap of ribbon. Flip your flower over and hot glue the ribbon in a loop shape on the cardboard where you want the hook to be when you hang it.

Flower Mirror DIY Dorm decor Spoon Flower Mirror Dorm Decor

9. Admire your amazing handy work, and hang it on your wall for all your roommates, Sorority Sisters, friends, and random bystanders to ooo and ahh at.

Dollar Store DIY Spoon Mirror

There you have it! If anything is unclear or you need another explanation shoot me comment, or check out .

Keeping you fabulous for less!


9 thoughts on “DIY Flower Mirror

    • BlushingFlora says:

      That would work too! Where I got my spoons when making the DIY they only had white and clear plastic spoons. However, if you had access to a party supply store that would be so much easier!


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